LightSource Renewables, LLC (LightSource aka LSR) invests in, develops, and operates solar and wind power generating projects. LightSource utilizes both photovoltaic solar and solar thermal technology. LightSource applies its industry expertise to match the right technology with the right site.

LightSource believes clean power and fuel are critical to meeting our long term energy needs while protecting our environment. LightSource is providing well located, cost effective, sustainable energy solutions to meet the continually increasing demand for renewable energy. Three fundamental shifts are occurring in the energy sector today in the US. The first is that the US is choosing to be more energy independent, and the second is that people are becoming more environmentally conscious – they are choosing to reduce harmful carbon emissions.

Finally, renewable energy portfolio standards are driving the demand for renewable energy across the nation. These factors will continue to increase the value of renewable energy assets.

The Company also takes equity positions in select project developers. LightSource is currently seeking solar power development opportunities in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. The Company is based in San Diego, California.

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