Project Focus

LightSource Renewables invests in, develops and operates renewable energy projects. The firm also takes equity positions in select project developers. LightSource creates value by monetizing the revenue opportunity associated with developing solar generating facilities under long term power purchase agreements.

LightSource Renewables identifies and secures under contract promising solar sites that have power generation potential of 1MW-100MW.

Why Solar Photovoltaic Technology is Attractive
Photovoltaic (or PV) projects are attractive because less resources are required. There is no natural gas, water, or chemicals used in the production of photovoltaic energy. This technology is especially effective in remote areas where there are no existing natural gas pipelines and water is scarce. Photovoltaics convert sunlight directly into electricity and can be installed in remote locations. The cost of these panels is quickly dropping while the efficiency (output) continues to increase. This technology promises to lead the future of the renewable energy sector.

LightSource has developed several photovoltaic projects in the southwestern United States. These projects are ideal for photovoltaics because of the limited water resources and their location near existing energy demand.

The price of photovoltaic derived power is now competitive with other forms of energy generation in certain regions of the U.S.

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